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Hybri The world is yours
4 min readFeb 5, 2020


Deep dive — Virtual Reality

Imagine creating your very own virtual companion modeled after anyone you want. Now, give it artificial intelligence. Imagine being able to interact with that character in augmented reality by just using your smartphone or tablet. No more expensive hardware to buy.

No more wands or gloves. This is HYBRI.

The first Digital Human AI Partner

What is the Hybri?

This isn’t a cyberpunk movie prop. This isn’t a sequel for the new Blade Runner, it’s a brand new mixed reality experience called Hybri. It allows users to craft and enter the world of their dreams right from their mobile devices.

Richard Donczi (CEO of Hybri): “Making Hybri run on smartphones was our top priority because we wanted to make it available for everybody, not just for those who can afford expensive AR glasses (MagicLeap, HoloLens). So, our target audience for this app is everybody who has a smartphone. Hybri’s slogan is “The world is yours” because everybody will use the app for whatever they want.”

Create your perfect partner with Artificial Intelligence

Who would benefit from using this app?

Somebody wants an intelligent partner they can talk with, somebody else only seeks challenges. While introverts might want to improve their communication skills with this simulation, there will also be those who are looking for romantic adult adventures. It just depends on the Hybri’s settings.

If you remember the Joi character from the movie Blade Runner 2049. She was a mixed reality companion for the main character. That we’re already here in 2020.

This futuristic mixed reality app makes all these things possible. You can enjoy it in your room in Augmented Reality or a fictitious location in Virtual Reality. Although it’s evident that the majority of our subscribers are young to middle-aged men. Our app is built in a cyberpunk style, which has come back into fashion.

The base model is a male or female android, whose inner and outer attributes can be customized later. This was important to us because we are trying to make the model appear as realistic as possible while still letting users know they’re talking to an AI, not a real live person. Our app is called Hybri because our models are human-AI hybrids and our technical solutions are a hybrid of Augmented and Virtual reality.

Artificial Intelligence technology

Richard Donczi: We created our models to resemble real human behavior as closely as possible. You can customize them: decide how empathetic, hot-tempered, intelligent, romantic, communicative, etc. they should be. They will behave according to these settings.

The AI in this app primarily shows up in the models’ behavior, which we plan to continuously develop because this is the type of area that needs continuous development. How much we’ll be able to spend on more advanced artificial intelligence will primarily depend on the success of our Kickstarter campaign.

Hybri — The first test

Unconventional uses

Hybri creates opportunities for all kinds of things that we leave to the user’s discretion. Perhaps that’s why they’ll love it so much. Since the models are completely customizable, and you can create models based on photographs with the photo-scan function, one unconventional use for Hybri would be to bring back your departed loved ones in an AR environment.

The app could also be used for mental health goals or to practice communication. For introverts, this app would be used for expressly social purposes. We’re just giving the opportunities to the users. They can decide what to do with them.

Hybri is still in the early phases, but the future of Hybri certainly looks promising. Prototypes will be available in March of 2020 and the Kickstarter campaign will go live shortly thereafter. So, the time is now to subscribe, pre-order and get ready for your next mixed reality adventure with Hybri.

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Hybri The world is yours

The first digital human partner with AI.