Is this the scariest book?

“When you open the book, the nightmare will start…”

Survive and write your own story! The Book of Asmodeus is an Interactive Augmented Reality Horror Book & Game. Write your own adventure with your own portrait. Summon demons from the pages and defeat them. But be careful! The Game is very difficult and and the demons come to life in your room.

Good luck my old friend…

Summon the demons from the book!

This book is 100% original handmade with 3D Printed and Polymer Clay cover.

There is no other book like this. Book of Asmodeus is a handmade, painted…

You can create the perfect partner in Mixed Reality

Lockdown is in full force and many of us are wondering what to do with our time. Fortunately, a Florida based tech start-up ‘Hybri’ may be the solution to the problem.

What is the Hybri?

Hybri is a new AR/VR app that allows users to create their very own custom 3D AI-driven virtual partners. The app comes with 6 basic models (3 women and 3 men) that have been created using motion capture technology.

Deep dive — Virtual Reality

Imagine creating your very own virtual companion modeled after anyone you want. Now, give it artificial intelligence. Imagine being able to interact with that character in augmented reality by just using your smartphone or tablet. No more expensive hardware to buy.

No more wands or gloves. This is HYBRI.

The first Digital Human AI Partner

What is the Hybri?

This isn’t a cyberpunk movie prop. This isn’t a sequel for the new Blade Runner, it’s a brand new mixed reality experience called Hybri. It allows users to craft and enter the world of their dreams right from their mobile devices.

Hybri The world is yours

The first digital human partner with AI.

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